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What is interesting about AS is that it is both a disability protected by law, and at the same time is also a diversity, a form of difference.What's even more curious is that you may not easily see these differences, as diversity is most often talked about in terms of the differences we can see - a person's gender, race, ethnic origin and cultural background are usually quite visible.In contrast, Asperger's syndrome is not visible - the differences lie in processing and thinking style - and there is no obligation to disclose the condition to an employer.For these reasons, many managers are not aware that they may have employees with Asperger’s.Asperger’s syndrome is a disorder that leaves sufferers with ineffective social skills and a reduced ability to communicate.It is a mild form of autism that results in such behaviors as having difficulty understanding humor, an inability to be empathetic, clumsy physical movements and one-sided conversations, according to the Mayo Clinic.

It lies on the autistic spectrum and until recently has been a condition about which little is known in the employment context.Screened earlier this year, The 'A' Word was a critically acclaimed TV drama following the lives of a family with an autistic child, Joe.Joe's autism was depicted as a condition which gives him strengths as well as difficulties.Employers need to be more aware of the great potential for those with Asperger’s in roles which require high IQ levels, the ability to handle complex data and systems, and the ability to systemise, all of which are associated with the 'hard' skills needed in the various engineering and STEM disciplines.The majority of line managers reported exemplary timekeeping and a drive to attend the physical workplace over and above that which they might expect from the rest of their team.

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I recently carried out a study with HR practitioners and line managers to discover the strengths and difficulties which employees with Asperger’s may have.