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Accomodating different learning styles

Do not like written work and reading, and therefore, are often labeled as “not applying themselves.” 9. Ask numerous questions to better understand the information, and this is often perceived as “not paying attention.” 8. Not only will your training session be more interesting, your audience will probably learn better!I teach Kindergarten that loops up to first grade in a small rural school district where funds are extremely limited for new things. I am truly blessed to have such amazing students who greet me everyday with a hug, smile, or handshake.You are more likely to receive funding if you put a face to your name.Accommodating Different Learning Styles in the Classroom “Learning styles.” What are learning styles? Students feel empowered by having some degree of choice and control over their environment.Flexible seating allows students to choose where they work and with whom.

I teach reading and language arts to 44 first grade students. Since October our school started to serve dinner too.There are three main types of learning styles – visual, auditory and kinesthetic.It’s important to know how to recognise students’ learning styles and know how to teach each type.The second part is how to teach someone who is a certain style or combination of styles. Learn best when they can talk and interact verbally. Like to be read to or to read out loud, but not silently. Can be helped most by understanding parents and teachers who will provide supportive, compensating homework settings.

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