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In 1945 United States troops in Germany received their supplies almost entirely through our Bremerhaven line of supply.

The port of Bremerhaven is on the North Sea at the mouth of the Weser River.

NATO is pledged to a mutual protection of the North Atlantic area.

It established the European military force of which we are a part.

The establishment of EUCOM Com Z led directly to the activation of depot and warehouse facilities of all EUCOM technical services.

In the fall of the same year the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the implementing mechanism of the pact, came into being.Attila, the Hun, tried to capture it in 451 -- and was defeated by its stout-hearted citizens. Wherever you go in France, past history rises up to capture your interest and stimulate your imagination.Poitiers, where 1200 years ago, Mohammedan armies were halted in their march through western Europe; La Rochelle, the little harbor that for centuries has sheltered courageous fishermen and explorers; Bordeaux, center of a great wine-growing country and of gracious living. Five years ago, when the Communists launched their armed aggression against the Republic of Korea, one vital aspect of the worldwide conspiracy centering in the Kremlin became clear: If Communism cannot win by its customary intrigue, subversion and trickery, it will be quite willing to use armed force-particularly its stooge armiesto gain its ends, even at the risk of another world war.In January 1960, the patch became the official symbol of , with headquarters in Orleans, was responsible for the LOC across France.On July 15 1951, the 7966th Det was replaced by EUCOM Com Z (with a change of mission), primarily concerned with the establishment, conduct, and supervision of the LOC across France.

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The 7966th was redesignated 7966th Headquarters Group and assigned directly to the Com Z.

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