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Of weirdness, yes: His Lumière tribute (1995) consisted of a close-up of a frying egg.

Eggs aside, Kiarostami’s experiments mostly have a stubborn stringency.

Unlike most other producers, they use butter (not margarine), real vanilla and authentic pearl sugar.

Having tasted them first-hand, I can assure you they’re a fine pre-made option.

In the bowl of a stand mixer, dissolve the yeast in 1/4 cup of warm water and allow it to stand for several minutes. Once mixed, divide the dough into 6 pieces of equal size. Shape each piece into an oval ball (like a football without the pointy ends) and let it rise (covered loosely in plastic wrap) for 90 minutes. If you have a professional waffle iron (meaning: it’s cast iron and weighs over 30 pounds) cook at exactly 355-360 degrees for approximately 2 minutes.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve become a waffle, but I digress…

Authentic Liège waffles are one of life’s great indulgences — caramelized sugar glistening on a tender, buttery, vanilla-laden joy for the senses.

Unfortunately, the “original recipe” has been long lost, and virtually all contemporary recipes use ingredients with little connection to what 19th-century bakers would have employed.

The explanation offered in the film’s prologue is that the filmmaker is curious about what happens around the instant portrayed in the image.

For I started with famous paintings but then switched to photos I had taken through the years.

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What I discovered is that the bread flour, milk, and obscene amount of yeast you usually see for Liège recipes would have never been used. Literally, if you see a recipe that calls for bread flour, milk or more than a ½ teaspoon of yeast per cup of flour, it still might produce a waffle, but it won’t be a Liège waffle.

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