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Please follow the link to access letters to parents.You could add an appointment to your Black Berry calendar, select it, and send it to someone else. Problem is, that’s not how Google Calendar works, which means when I switched to Android, all hell broke loose. At least not to me since I’m so used to shipping files around. UPDATE 12/22/2010: Opening an appointment in Gmail appears to only work if you do it from a desktop computer, and from the full view - not just the basic HTML view.You can’t export an event as an i Cal (.ics) or v Cal (.vcs) file, which is basically what the Black Berry was doing. Getting an Appointment from Black Berry to Android/Google Calendar There’s an alternate way to do this, too, but it involves saving the file that’s attached to that incoming Gmail and going to Google Calendar and running an import… You can’t open the appointment and accept it right on the Android phone because the Gmail client on Android will simply show the appointment as an attachment and not an invitation.Please can I encourage you to go onto Ofsted's 'Parent View' to complete their questionnaire too?(This can be accessed by clicking on the image above).

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Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are currently entitled to 'universal free school meals'.