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Males had to be circumcised, sabbaths had to be observed, and people had to obey hundreds of dietary, social, and hygiene rules.

All these regulations were intended to protect the Israelites from their neighbors' pagan influences, but no one could keep so many laws.

By dying on the cross, Christ became the Lamb of God, the perfect sacrifice whose blood has the power to wash away sin forever.

Some churches say the New Covenant began with Jesus' crucifixion.

No exposed midriff to display tatoos and body piercing.

Be neat, clean and as conservative as the business requires It is extremely rude to arrive late for a meeting. Having a good excuse does not exonerate you Do not dominate the meeting.

For three years, Jesus taught throughout Israel about the kingdom of God and his role as Messiah.

To support his claim as Son of God, he performed many miracles, even raising three people from the dead.

Individuals may now approach God themselves; they no longer need a human high priest to speak for them.

If they complied, he pledged prosperity and protection in the Promised Land.

Altogether, there were 613 laws, covering every aspect of human behavior.

Employee Etiquette is how you conduct yourself in your capacity as an employee to your employer and your co-workers NEVER arrive at work drunk, smelling of alcohol on under the influence of drugs Be on time for your job.

Better still, be early Be respectful to your employer It’s ill-mannered to wear i Pod buds in your ears at work Respect the business goals and help to achieve them Respect the firm’s confidentiality of information Respect the firm’s clients’ confidentiality of information Provide your boss with information as required Keep your boss well informed in a timely fashion Brush up on your computer skills.

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