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C form onvalidating

(B) = But, if there is another solution, I want the string input from keyboard is disabled if the cursor is in the textbox (just numeric keypad is enabled). if this is unsuitable, here is a good control: Text (you can use c# controls in vb.net, u can also convert between the languages with this site's converter) You can validate Text Box input yourself but it is not as simple as it seems to do it properly, depending on what types of numbers you want to accept. I want my textbox just accept integer/numeric input, not string, such as : a,b,c,etc I'm using VB. I have two choices of solution for my problem: (A) = I want when someone input or type string in the textbox, it will shows a notification that the input should be numeric or integer. From : i suggest you use the Numeric Up Down control. Key Char) '**************************************************************************************** '* Creates control from active x control that enables a user to enter or input '* and edit numerics only with the option of a positive or negative sign. Key Press '************************************************************************************ '* Selects or highlights the text in the text box setting the highlighted text to '* lenght of input in text box '************************************************************************************ Dim Key Ascii As Integer Key Ascii = Asc(e.

hello, for entering only numeric values, this i have already done - you have to do the following 1) write a code in keypress events of textbox 2) check whether pressed key like chr(............) if u still need the coding, do let me know i will give u As I said, validating input as it's entered is not as easy to do properly as it may seem. Can you give me the code for checking input in textbox is string or number/integer. Check out msdn for these three events and you can find it. I worked some time back in and cant give you an exact example now. I've tried with keypress event, but it's still not worked. I kind of think the fake uri is better than just plain string, something in the style of java packages.Have you tried if Well, I prefer not to ignore any part of JSON Schema that I'm able to implement.

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If you think the test is not correct, definitely open an issue at https://github.com/json-schema/JSON-Schema-Test-Suite repository. Also keep this issue open, I'll look into it more when I'll have time.