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Can radiocarbon dating be used on bones

Following the Greek example, the Romans ignored the difference as well: they called the animals dromedarius and camelus.

The sharp distinction between the two animals is modern, but the official names are still a bit confusing: Camelus dromedarius and Camelus bactrianus.

Ironically, he continues with a story full of biological errors.

Having thus furnished them, he ordered them to go in front of the rest of the army towards the horsemen of Croesus [...].Again, there are some indications that it happened at an earlier stage, but unfortunately, these clues are not unambiguous.After all, one does not need tame camels to use their dung, bones, or wool.He did this because horses are afraid of dromedaries and can not endure to see or smell them.A century after the events, when Herodotus wrote this story, the dromedary was already well-known to the Greeks. Herodotus remarks that he feels no need to give a description of it.

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So, they had two words to describe the same animal.