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Chatsex for america

SIZE: Females range from as small as 35 lbs to as large as 70 lbs depending on height and condition. This is to prevent injury if the dog hunts or runs in underbrush. DEW CLAWS: The claw above the foot on the inside of the front legs (and if present on back legs) is removed at the same time the tail is docked.

This prevents the “dewclaw” from becoming torn if the dog is moving through brush and rough terrain.

We only foster animals if the need is clearly extreme.

GSP’s are very devoted, often to the point of dependency. Responsible dog ownership requires no free running dogs, regardless of breed.

Donations to our rescue efforts are greatly appreciated, whether or not the individual is able to adopt a rescued GSP.

Please contact Patti Goodding at Oregon [email protected] a questionnaire/application.

Breed development continued into this century, combining characteristics from other breeds. HOW YOU KNOW A GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTER: COLOR: Ranges from solid liver to a bright white ticked body with a liver head.

The first known Shorthairs were imported into the U. There are some purebred black/white ticked or solid black GSP’s in the U. PATTERN: GSP’s may have blazes or may have solid colored heads; they can be ticked (small flecking with white background), ticked with large patches, or roan (such fine ticking they appear almost solid colored). TAIL DOCKING: It is the rule to dock a GSP’s tail to 40% of original length a few days after birth.

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CHARACTER & DISPOSITION: In general GSP’s are energetic, athletic dogs. Older dogs are less active, and are ideal placements with families who want more calm.

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