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For example, adding N to M produces T, as we have just seen, and then adding N to T leads back to M (see right-hand column).This explains how the receiver’s Tunny decrypted the ciphertext.The other carried the teleprinter equipment and two Tunny machines, one for sending and one for receiving.This truck also carried a device for punching tapes for auto transmission.The Tunny machine was manufactured by the German Lorenz company.The first model bore the designation SZ40, ‘SZ’ standing for ‘Schlüsselzusatz’ (‘cipher attachment’).A radio operator then transmitted the ciphertext in the form of Morse code.

Using the Bletchley convention of representing a pulse by a cross and no pulse by a dot, the letter C, for example, is •••. gave each link a piscine name: Berlin-Paris was Jellyfish, Berlin-Rome was Bream, Berlin-Copenhagen Turbot (see right-hand column).

(The process of adding letters together is explained in the next paragraph.) The internal mechanism of the Tunny machine produced its own stream of letters, known at B. The Tunny machine adds letters by adding the individual dots and crosses that compose them. The German engineers selected these rules for dot-and-cross addition so that the following is always true (no matter which letters, or other keyboard characters, are involved): adding one letter (or other character) to another and then adding it again a second time leaves you where you started.

The rules that the makers of the machine selected for dot-and-cross addition are simple. In symbols, (x y) x = y, for every pair of keyboard characters x and y.

The Tunny machine Tunny was one of three types of teleprinter cipher machine used by the Germans.

(The North American term for ‘teleprinter’ is ‘teletypewriter’.) At Bletchley Park (B. The Tunny machine, which measured 19" by 15½" by 17" high, was a cipher attachment.

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Once all the combinations in a QEP book had been used it was replaced by a new one. In short, adding two sames produces dot, and adding a mixed pair produces cross.

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