Coping with dating rejection

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What follows is a basic treatment plan template, I commonly propose for such crisis-situations.Step 1: Determine the function or “source” of the school anxiety-avoidance. For instance, when a student stops attending school, there are many possible (sometimes multiple) causes.Such thoughts immediately trigger physiological symptoms (e.g.rapid heartrate and hyperventilating) that fuel further self-defeating interpretations and behavioral choices (e.g.I often instruct students to tell themselves (during high-anxiety episodes), “I’m having a negative thought right now. It is not a fact or a reality.” I also promote mantras of mindful thinking - “I’m going to imagine putting this distressing thought on a leaf and watch it float down the stream (and out of mind).” In more serious cases, this cognitive restructuring process requires myriad solutions and skills-training.For instance, basic reality-testing strategies involve saying to the anxious-avoidant student, “Is there any good evidence that supports your assumption that your teachers and peers perceive you negatively?

But if you avoid trying altogether, then you’ll definitely fail and dig a deeper hole.” Other strategies that promote emotional distance from distressing thoughts can help, such as cognitive defusion.

brush teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast, check school bag, play a computer game in moderation, depart house for school, etc.).

Step 3: Coordination of Care The treatment plan in Step 2 is, in theory, a collaboration between student and therapist.

This task of soliciting from the student a clear and pointed explanation for school anxiety-avoidance is easier said than done.

If the parent(s), teacher(s), or a mental heather staff member (e.g.

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” If no good evidence emerges, then the assumption can be dismissed as unfounded - problem solved!