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This attitude towards dads is all part of a culture which sees men stuck in a rut of pseudo masculinity.Just last year research was released which discovered that men would rather be unemployed than do ‘pink collar’ or ‘women’s’ work.The girl would just be able to say no and have it be enough.It’s also the idea that girls don’t belong to themselves.Again, as long as it’s an informed, consensual decision. Even in egalitarian places.) What this shirt – and this idea – really promotes is a power struggle over the daughter, a tug-of-war full of testosterone and “I owned her first” statements and “she loves me best” exclamations.

And what’s more, it’s symptomatic of the poisonous ways that we treat male parenting.It’s the idea that fathers must protect their daughters from all boys and any boys.And when a girl gets married, her father must finally “give her up.” It’s the idea that girls should not have sex before marriage, but it’s not up to her to make that decision. Because if it was the decision of the girl, then boys wouldn’t be so dangerous.It’s not “just a joke” when the joke can harm other people.I’ve dated a number of guys over the years, and over time I’ve learned how to figure out what I want from a guy. Because, really, we’re not talking about daughters dating girls here. It’s promoting the idea that girls need to be kept safe and secluded. And he said, because girls are the ones who can get pregnant.

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