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The popular and upbeat 1970s/80s show about family life in the 50s ended when Bryce was a toddler, and Ron went on to become an Oscar-winning film-maker.

But when we meet for lunch to discuss Bryce’s own blossoming career – she has a romantic encounter with Matt Damon in Clint Eastwood’s powerful supernatural drama Hereafter – I can’t resist asking her what it was like growing up with the former child star. ‘Schoolfriends used to say, “What did you think of your dad in the show?

‘The fans are very passionate,’ she says, ‘but Rob is totally humble and embarrassed about all the attention.’ She agrees that he is gorgeous.‘They would never throw the kids in first class – we knew we were lucky just to be travelling,’ laughs Bryce.When Chace (a redhead too) started bawling, Bryce offered to take care of her and joked that she was ‘adopting her’ because of the family resemblance.‘I thought it was an interesting take on a really damaged person.’ She describes her co-star Matt Damon as ‘very easy-going, funny with absolutely no movie-star vibe’. ‘The night before shooting I was terrified because I had auditioned on tape and I didn’t meet Clint until five minutes before we started filming. It was so painful for him and Clint Eastwood, whom he didn’t know at that time, stood up and gave him a standing ovation and then everyone else stood up because Clint did.He puts himself out there for people.’While it’s simplistic to read too much into a television show, I get the impression that the environment the Howards created for their family was a version of Happy Days (the series depicted an idealised view of 1950s America).

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” But I didn’t see an episode until I was 22.’ The early works of Ron Howard were not required viewing for Bryce and her three younger siblings, twins Jocelyn and Paige and brother Reed.