Dancing stars chelsie hightower louie dating

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I made it to the top 6 on that show being one of the 2 contestants who had never been in the bottom 3.

There was no question it was an amazing opportunity, but it also meant that i would have to leave my jazz studio entirely and was I willing to leave my best friends and a passion I couldn’t imagine, at the time, living without?But I felt strongly and knew ballroom was where I was supposed to be, so I took the leap of faith and that would be my life for the next two years. My world became filled with fake tanning solution, the Russian language, and expensive dance dresses.My partner and I worked hard and quickly became one of the top 3 couples in the country, before eventually becoming the National Ten-dance champions.3 months after that the famous “So You Think You Can Dance” auditions came to town.I was nervous when I auditioned but I felt peace, reflecting on the doors that were opened to me and where the pieces had fallen in my life, feeling this was something that was “meant to be.” I made it straight through to vegas that night and the top 20 was to come soon after.

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