Dating advice for goths

Posted by / 09-Jan-2018 21:45

Dating advice for goths

There is no rule that Goths must date other Goths; the Elder Goth Cabal (which doesn’t exist) has not issued any such statement, and never will.

Now, the Lady of the Manners can see why people might think that Goths shouldn’t date (or marry) outside of The Scene; after all, everyone wants to spend time with people like themselves, people who share their interests.

Yes, the Lady of the Manners is suggesting you ask a direct question about this sort of thing. There is nothing to be gained by watching his every reaction to things you hold dear and trying to guess what is going on in his head.

That sort of behavior will accomplish nothing but driving yourself crazy.

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And before you stomp your little stompy boots and wail “But if they love me they’d change!But someone liking the exact same things as you is no guarantee of romantic happiness.The Lady of the Manners really does believe that relationships are stronger when each person has interests of their own, that they don’t share with their partner.No, this month the Lady of the Manners is going to talk about a dilemma that is a concern for many Goths: can a Goth find happiness in giving their heart to someone who is not one of the spooky and black-clad throng?Those of you with long memories may recall that the Lady of the Manners has talked about this subject before.

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However, being involved with someone Not Like You is not without its challenges, this is true.