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Dating albanian men

Anyways,just a week ago,i've ask him what is our future and why he put me in this situation. He is now crying to get me back telling me how can you leave me like this , blaming God for everything.His reply was he is getting angry coz i keep asking him the same questions over and over again so I needed to stop. When he ruined my life, made me have no friends, made me leave my family, made me live with his family, leaving my career for him and he didnt work for couple months eventhough we are having a baby he is not responsable.Albanian is definitely the perfect place to meet beautiful and sexy Albanian women, no matter you want to commit to a long or short-term relationship.

what options do i have to lean back on if it took five or ten years of my life already and i'm not getting any younger. I know its harder for you since u have two kids , but i know you will do whats the best for them. He was selfish, arrogant and never listened to my advice.

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Made me cut off all the communications I had with my ex bfs. Im so unhappy , I have to share a man, I have to be the second woman in someone's life. And don't judge me , its not easy to be alone and refuse love from someone who wants to givce it to you , even if he is married.

She was in the hospital about to deliver the baby , he was with me on the phone. He is talking to me all the time, don't let me go out till late, don't let me go out with guys. He is keep asking me,if I love him and wants to make sure all the time , that I love him and I say it at the end of every conversation we have. But please share your comments , I wanna know how this story looks from an outside eye.

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However, this is not the article about the origin of the Albanian people.