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To signify the collaboration between KAO Malaysia and PRIDE Foundation, a cheque presentation ceremony was held. Yoshihiro Murakami, CEO/President of KAO (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.presented the cheque to YBhg Datin Azrene Abdullah, Chairman of PRIDE Foundation.

It is also in tandem with KAO’s corporate philosophy to support the community where it operates in.

Terlalu banyak sejarah hitam yag menghantui DSRM dan tidak juga kita lupa cerita puaka dan bomoh yang tidak kesudahan.

Kita lihat mangsa korban antara madu dan racun yang diperdendangkan oleh DSRM yang mengaibkan tiga (3) lelaki dan bukannya dua (2) yang banyak blog melaporkan sebelum ini.

"He chose, like many others before him, to have fame, wealth and adulation," she said.

Azrene claimed that her brother is now paying the price for his transgressions, for even if Malaysia is not willing to give the justice people have prayed for, the US has delivered it - in ways that only they can justify.

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If you guys are not from Malaysia, you probably wouldn't know of Dr Fazley or Azreen. Azreen is the daughter of Rosmah Mansor and was associated to Najib.

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