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More than three sovereigns exist in the list, and more than five rulers, because not all sources agree on which names to include.

In broad terms the legendary period owes something of its existence to the Yangshao and Longshan cultures (it could certainly be ascribed to the later part of the Longshan in terms of its dating), and perhaps could also be described as a kind of proto-Erlitou period.

It was a long, slow climb towards the relatively unified state of the two millennia AD.

Surn is perhaps the first name in the list of legendary emperors to be able to claim any semblance of reality.

He is credited with the invention of drilling wood to create fire, a skill which is in fact known many thousands of years beforehand.

At several times in its long history the country has fragmented into two or more warring kingdoms.

In its early days there were many smaller independent states that were often at war with one another for domination, sometimes for several centuries.

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It immediately precedes the Hsia dynasty (the traditional dynastic name for the Erlitou culture), which has long been seen as China's first legitimate dynasty, so for that reason it is included here as the starting point for the emergence of Chinese history.

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