Dating older divorced men

Posted by / 29-Jan-2018 00:47

Sexual and physiological factors are prime reasons.

With men hitting their sexual peaks between the ages of 18 and 21, and women somewhere around their mid to late thirties, the conclusions to be drawn from this particular set of realities are obvious.

You could be 18 or 80, but she still wants you to be a man–a confident alpha male with a keen eye and robust set of opinions.

Being a wallflower is not the way to a woman’s heart, and youthful indecision is more likely to turn her off than on.

How can you compete against such overwhelming numbers?

[Read: 13 steps to be the sexy guy you’ve always wanted to be] #2 Stick your chin out.

You’re a young guy, and that’s a major part of the attraction for older women.

They like who you are–all that freshness and youthful spirit–and don’t want you to pretend to be anything else.

Irrespective of age, there are certain traits that women need to see in the male objects of their affections.

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There’s a huge difference between the act of paying a compliment and the act of attempting flattery.