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It was from one of the richest cities and this is quite evident by its remains, including the huge Agora (market place) and Apollo's Temple (6th c BC). The citadel occupies the triangular summit of a low hill between two gorges.The Mycenaeans excelled in this style of building using large, unworked stones.Every sightseeing experience was so informative; it is hard to focus on just one most enjoyed; personally I loved Corinth. We were very fortunate as we arrived, for the most part, at sites before the crowds gathered.The local guides were terrific: personable, friendly, informative! They were also enthusiastic, and one falls in love with sights presented by such positive guides!

We enter through the Lion Gate and see the Great Court where Agamemnon is believed to have been murdered in one of the chambers.It was captured by the Venetians in 1687 and it thrived once again with a flourishing silk industry and a population of 40,000.It was recaptured by the Turks in 1715, and from then on it was downhill all the way.Our tour, though only nine days in duration, packs so much in that it promises to satiate the thirst of any intrepid traveller thirsty to explore Classical Greece, but be warned that it will also leave you hungry to come back for more.Our guides regale us with the histories of 6th century temples and 14th century fortresses, of stories of betrayal and assassination, of ancient rivalries and of paying homage to the gods.

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