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Slow at times, some parts overly simplistic (personality types), may feel a bit 'off topic' for some people as it goes beyond simple dating tips and covers 'self actualization', ie how to change yourself to improve your dating success in the long term as a result.

This is mostly a mindset, almost philosophical product, which has its value but is not for guys who are looking for step-by-step techniques to apply in specific situations, it's more complementary to those.

Like a fairy tale princess, you may have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince. To paraphrase Albert Einstein: A definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Many of our patterns are useful — they get us through the day without having to think too hard. We often, unknowingly, repeat patterns that have had a negative outcome, somehow expecting that this time it’ll all work out in our favor.

For guys who have found that their relationships with women have evolved in ways they didn't like in the past, this product will be helpful.

This program is for advanced guys who want to get the most out of long term relationships with women.

The unspoken message they had received was clear: “I’m only interested in me, and you should be, too! Communication with your date is vital, and I don’t mean filling conversational gaps with comments about yourself.

Then I asked him what the men he’d been dating were like — their lives, families, goals, and careers. We all continually repeat the same behavior patterns, whether it be making a cup of tea or getting ready in the morning. That’s really dumb advice.” Well hear me out on this one.The next step is to work out what it is you need to change. He was buying them expensive things, but he had got it into his head this was the only thing he had to do.It worked for a while, but after a few expensive meals, they wouldn’t return his calls. He replied that he cataloged his successes and told his dates about his strengths and goals in life — he wanted to impress them.

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