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There is in any case no legal machinery to enforce the Convention.It is not a binding treaty like the European Human Rights Convention, with its own proper court to decide on specific cases which is made up of actual judges from the signatory states (whatever you may think of their decisions).According to this, the record in real life -- as opposed to actors in films -- seems to be held by two 21-year-olds in Australia, caned in 1981 (and on their hands, too, which is always a foolish policy in my personal view, but seems particularly ridiculous at that age).However, we shouldn't forget the true story of an undercover drug cop who got paddled at a Dallas high school in 1989.This is an enormous document, really an online book.It was written as a university thesis in 1971 but only saw the light of day in 1999.However, these items can be taken to relate to recent times except where flagged as Culture Shock: Americans teaching abroad Review of a book, "Innocents Abroad: American Teachers in the American Century".Raises the dilemma faced by "human rights"-focused teachers arriving to work in cultures where CP is "expected and effective".

For instance, this committee has taken it upon itself to decide that all forms of corporal punishment, however reasonable and moderate, and even if given by the child's own parents, contravene the Convention's rule against "physical and mental violence".

I suspect GITEACPOC hopes that people will just assume that it is that kind of body. A BBC News Online "Talking Point" forum from September 1999, in the wake of the Human Rights Watch report on Kenya.

In reality, these busybodies who don't represent anyone except themselves can only keep on nagging. Talking Point: Child Discipline Links to several "conversations" about CP in spring 2001 on yet another BBC website.

There is a cartoon of an over-the-knee spanking in progress.

Human Rights: The Caning Backlash Article (1997) from Hinduism Today about school corporal punishment in various countries, including Malaysia and the UK.

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How is this -- which, it seems, is OK with Unesco -- any less degrading (etc.