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3.10 The Company may make other reasonable rules and regulations or give instructions to Passengers who shall comply with such rules, regulations and instructions made or given by the Company or their servants or agents, the master of the ship or any member of the ship’s crew whether aboard the ship or at shore.

3.11 The Company shall have the right to refuse to carry any Passenger due to abuse or misuse of alcohol or drugs or unruly behaviour towards fellow Passengers, Company employees, other Persons, for reasons of safety or who fails to comply with the rules, regulations or instructions given.

3.3 If you are making your reservation using our website ( or via our other digital booking channels, you must read and accept these Conditions by ticking the appropriate checkbox.3.6 Details of the consolidated text of the Passenger Liability Regulations comprising of the Athens Convention and the IMO Reservation can be found at Annex I (Athens Convention) and Annex II (IMO Reservation) of these Conditions.3.7 Where these Conditions are in conflict with the mandatory provision of law, regulation or convention which governs a Transport Contract or other contract of carriage the provisions of that law, regulation or convention shall prevail but only to the extent of such conflict.You will also have been told how to access them (via our digital booking channels, offices or by requesting a copy from our customer services team), so that you may inform yourself of their content.3.5 The provisions and limitations of the Passenger Liability Regulations are deemed to be incorporated into this Transport Contract.

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