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sign, their ends protruding 1–2 meters from the lap joint where they intersect.

The ends of these beams support the sills of the outer walls, forming a separate horizontal frame.

This proved a simple but very strong form of construction.

If set in gravel, the wall could last many decades, even centuries.

The only remaining medieval stave churches outside Norway are those of circa 1500 at Hedared in Sweden and one Norwegian stave church relocated in 1842 to the outskirts of Krummhübel, Germany, now Karpacz in the Karkonosze mountains of Poland.

(One other church, the Anglo-Saxon Greensted Church in England, exhibits many similarities with a stave church but is generally considered a palisade church.) Archaeological excavations have shown that stave churches, best represented today by the Borgund stave church, are descended from palisade constructions and from later churches with earth-bound posts.

In post churches, the walls were supported by sills, leaving only the posts earth-bound.

The corner posts or staves (stavene in Norwegian) are cross-cut at the lower end and fit over the corner notches and cover them, protecting them from moisture.

On top of the sill beam is a groove into which the lower ends of the wall planks (veggtilene) fit.

This design made it possible to omit the freestanding lower part of intermediate posts.

In some churches in Valdres, only the four corner posts remain (see the image of Lomen stave church).

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A stave church is a medieval wooden Christian church building once common in north-western Europe.

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