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Speaking about the procedure on Monday's Good Morning Britain, the star was subsequently mocked for her speech in the veneers throughout the interview.

The mother-of-five was playfully teased by Piers Morgan as well as fans on Twitter, while co-host Susanna Reid attempted to diffuse the situation.

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Sweeping her hair into a loose bun and adding dark sunglasses however, it was the brunette's bright white teeth that stole the show - despite her recent confession that the first part of her dental procedure had left her in 'agony'.

Katie had a temporary veneers fitted in Turkey last week, but they left her teeth 'luminous', and her mouth full of ulcers.

In 2015, Katie she had admitted to forking out a staggering £100,000 on her pearly white veneers.', she asked at one point, before later declaring, 'I'm in agony with them!'Katie declared: 'These past few months have been the worst ever.Covering up her new, bright white gnashes with her hand, Katie began: 'I've got luminous teeth, my mouth is full of ulcers.I'm going to get my laser done in the morning.' The former glamour model - who was on air to discuss reported threats against her eldest son - spent more time talking about her teeth than anything else after jetting off to Turkey to get a brand new smile.'Do I sound funny with these teeth?

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Pointless interview'.'So Katie Price receiving threats against Harvey but more bothered by her new teeth? The star's loyal followers were quick to show their support, however, with one posting, 'Love the way you take on @piersmorgan Katie!

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