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It starts out with a part on “How To Think About Success With Women“, which is about what happens in the female mind, and how to use that to your advantage. The second part is called “How To Communicate With Women“, where David shares stuff such as how to develop a personality that is irresistible to women, and how to use communication and humour to attract women.This part also includes the very important chapter on looks and body language.I have talked about it before here at the blog in my post called “Get Started Being with the Women You Desire and Live a Better Life“.Just like I said there, this book was the first I read of its kind, and I owe much of my dating success to it.In 2005, David completely revised it, making it the book it is today.Double Your Dating is 90 pages long, jam packed with useful information.The first edition of Double Your Dating was written by David De Angelo in 2001.Back then, it outlined all the techniques he himself had used to do just that, double his dating.

But along with that, you also get a starter kit that includes two double interviews from his “Interviews with Dating Gurus” interview series.

These 4 cd’s will get sent right to your front door, free of charge, shipping has already been paid.

Actually listening to these gurus speak is so important in learning to be successful with women, you wouldn’t believe it.

Unlike most ebooks out there, Double Your Dating is not written in an unclear way, it’s not filled with strange acronyms and most important of all, it’s easy to read.

The different sections are broken up in clear headlines, and paragraphs aren’t too long.

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You could say that the Double Your Dating ebook is the “starters manual” to his other stuff. Lots of this other stuff is great, you just don’t get just as much bang for your buck as you do with Double Your Dating.