Ian somerhalder and nicky hilton dating

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Ian somerhalder and nicky hilton dating

Before he was Boone or Damon, Ian had a couple of movies that stuck out as “must watch” for teens in the early ’00s.Those who caught him in Life as a House weren’t even paying attention to the future Darth Vader; all eyes were on Ian.The character and the man who played him were easy on the eyes when it came to the cast of castaways, and who doesn’t love a guy who tries his best to help?

His and TVD costar Nina Dobrev’s on again-off again relationship always manages to end up a side note in those things.You love him for either or both of the huge TV roles he’s had, his ability to bring light to the budding sexuality of youths, and the fact that underneath all that smolder is a beautiful heart.Boone was your favorite on Lost in an instant and it’s not hard to see why.Plus, you spent many a night dreaming about what you would’ve done if you were Shannon.Then there’s Damon Salvatore, the vampire you can’t deny.

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There’s his current role on The CW’s Vampire Diaries as Damon Salvatore — the hotter of the brothers who obviously wins the girl’s heart thanks to, well, look at him.

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