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Jeremiah shapero hb dating sites

2089: Le Jeu du Tricentenaire 1st ed by Tristan Lhomme (1989) Casus Belli / Excelsior Publications / Jeux Descartes A French-language humorous sci-fi RPG, first published in issue #56 of the French gaming magazine Jeux & Stratégie.

Here is the problem, which these stupid cunt motherfuckers don't realize.

A large percentage of these stupid fucking fans take it upon themselves to curse, harass people and act like stupid cunts the whole game, thus ruining it for the families and normal fans around their seats. I can't even think about my kid to a Jets game until he is old enough to fucking at least vote.

The shit the fans say, the fights, the drunkenness, it is appalling and I've had enough.

Now that the Times has written an article about this shit, the Jets are going to do something about it. That will ruin it for people like me and my other buddies who like to have a few drinks like gentlemen while cheering the Jets on.

Hey, here is a possible solution, STOP SERVING BOOZE AT GAMES. Instead, we'll have to be sober and watch them get their asses kicked. But these stupid fuckers who can't handle their booze will try their hardest to ruin it for everybody.

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It's bad enough our team is bad, but now certain fans are making the fans look bad too?

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