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Bopping around space with Lister and his pals might not be the safest of adventures, but they did seem to have a good time.Jonathan Prime When publicity photos for the Season 4 premiere of Charlie Brooker’s Netflix anthology series began to circulate, they led to a lot of questions — most especially why the show, normally based in a world that looks a lot like ours, was doing a “Star Trek” homage.Space is a scary place, as we’ve seen in countless movies and TV shows — but the thrills that come with these stories prove that while the dangers of venturing off this planet are many, there are still thrills a’plenty in the great unknown, and adventures beyond our potential comprehension.

Some of these selections below didn’t last all that long — several Season 1s weren’t followed by Season 2s — as television, much like space itself, can be an unforgiving environment.

I’m glad other bloggers are having as hard a time with this as I am.

Over at The Awl, Sarah Blackwood says a teary goodbye to the show and at Survey Monkey, fans are rating everything from the show’s hottest characters to its best bromance.

But my favorite piece I’ve seen so far is at Grantland, where Robert Mays has compiled an oral history of “FNL.” After the jump, 10 facts I learned from it.

Astronauts aboard Earth’s first starship, Phaeton, enjoy the diversion of a virtual reality program that entertains them during the decade-long voyage.

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But that doesn’t mean they didn’t shine brightly when they had the chance.