Kieron richardson and brianne delcourt dating

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It would not surprise me if this was Aliona's last year on the show.

They've tried to bin her off once before, but she came in as a stand-in for someone else that go injured. So we have images from the first week proper of the new series of Strictly.

Having celebrated his 24th birthday on Tuesday, Kieron admitted to feeling nervous about the show.

He said: “My biggest worry is that people on Hollyoaks are really talented dancers.

Her bad body language is a real turn off for the audience that clearly don't like her.

Gregg seems like such a jolly chap too, so how you cannot form a bond with the fellow.

The Breezy Staff set: Has with superheroes, mid-life no, wary breasts, and the Token in Yellow.

“I feel like I have this added pressure now to be good.

How wonderful it must be to carry an angel in your womb!

You may be disappointed now, but you will soon feel very lucky.

A SOAP star from Prestwich is hoping to find his feet in front of a whole new audience.

This weekend, actor Kieron Richardson will get his skates on in ITV1’s Dancing On Ice.

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