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SHE'D LIKE HER BLOOD BOTTLED, PLEASE The sassiest vampire in all of Manhattan, Lil Marchette, is the owner of Dead End Dating-a matchmaking service for hip, intelligent singles like herself.

When this hoochie slut noticed me in my BMW you could see the dollar signs in her eyes.

Welcome to Squirt Hunter ladies and gents, where your fem-fluid fantasies cum to life. Couples Seduce Teens Just Added: Personal Trainer 01/30/2013 What are you getting naked for?? "I always work out naked," wife, Jolean deceptively answers. Once she gets her lips wrapped around Zane's trouser monster, she'll never go back to average again!

First Time Swallows Just Added: Gia 10/26/2012 Johnny wanted to test his ex Gia if she was really as nasty as she thought.

To make matters worse, Lil must also contend with a pack of werewolves who ask-no, demand-that she find each one a tall, dark, and handsome mate before the next full moon.

Plus, the to-die-for-if-I wasn't-already-dead Ty Bonner, a lusciously sexy lover but totally unsuitable eternity mate, is never far from her midnight fantasies. She must prove her innocence and focus on pairing off the dead and the furry-and maybe stake a claim to her own tasty true love.

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