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Lindsay lohan dating the wanted

The row spelled the beginning of the end of their relationship.

Dennis broke up the spat, which saw Egor throw a drink over Lindsay after she chucked his phone in the sea, which I told you about in July.

STORY: ' Liz & Dick': 7 Memorable Moments Let's revisit: the 26-year-old tabloid fixture, whose rap sheet is ever-evolving, is facing not one criminal charges. 29 arrest for slapping a woman in the face during a New York City nightclub confrontation and an additional three from her June 8 accident on the Pacific Coast Highway in which her Porsche collided with the back of a dumptruck.

A police probe later revealed that she had lied when claiming that she was not behind the wheel.

The Wanted star Max George has brushed off fresh reports suggesting he’s dating Lindsay Lohan.

The British boyband hunk has been linked to Lohan since November, when a night of partying in New York with the Mean Girls actress ended in her arrest on suspicion of assaulting a fellow club-goer.

AS far as stories to tell the grandkids go, how LINDSAY LOHAN met her new man is up there with the most unusual.

But the Maxy-Waxy sources say he's adamantly denying ANY of it, swearing he had no idea how she ended up backstage. Apparently he has no desire to be in a relationship after ending things with Michelle Keegan. Maybe she should call one of the One Direction boys instead!Image: Splash News We also heard that Max was adamant about Lindsay meeting his parents when they were back in the States, but let’s keep in mind that their relationship status is unofficial, so they’re possibly “just friends”. court hearing on Wednesday in order to travel overseas with The Wanted, E! Lohan, reported to be dating the boy band's Max George, won't be evading the law, however: her lawyer, Shawn Holley, will be in court to represent her, and she's permitted to skip because the charges -- related to her June car crash -- are misdemeanors.Sources have reported the pair have been seeing each other unofficially since November, where Lindsay’s been spotted attending a few of the band’s U. Image: Film Magic It also appears that Linday’s been partying up in London lately, and rumors are buzzing that Max has introduced her to his parents!Sources reported that Lindsay had a good time hanging out with the family, and felt very at home.

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