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Lonely wife free cams no register

Don produced some really good coloured drawings of Prewar MG’s and other cars for register members, a lovely gesture Don, thanks so much.Bob Bazzica announced that he will sell the RV8 MG obviously to fund the restoration of the “cracker” ATD which needs a lot of help.Ian Hobbs as he usually does had his beak in a magazine and found an article on the recent sales of Aston Martins in the UK which he read to the meeting , then put the wood on Bazzica to divulge what he thought the DB5 was worth.I am not at liberty to publish a figure, albeit to say it is a considerable sum, made even more alluring by Bob’s confession of how he screwed some poor old pommy bastard in the 70’s to get the car from Liverpool UK.Well guess what, it started first go , bloody ripper!Craig picked me up in the TC for a coffee which ended at the Hyde Park tavern for a couple of Stella Artois across the bar and a quick trip back.John Bray runs the pre-war, T-type and Y-type register. Members meet the first Thursday of each month (note you don’t have to own a pre-1955 vehicle to attend).

Welcomed persons included the new Secretary of Registers - Ken Burke, Robert Varcoe (MGA), Suzanne Bray, and Suzette Cook.Serial Pest Neilson actually made it to the front door early then disappeared into the night.Russell Garth gave us an update on the Register model that we are wanting to go to in recording vehicles, the Victorian MGCC looks promising.This is akin to a decent barn find story, however his real “barn find” was on show, the TD Arnolt, a magnificent rusted out vehicle which I could describe to you.Overheard in the throng and spoken by someone who should know better, describing the TD as the Arnott, yes the cracker biscuit of all things.

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Opportune that he and Wenona were away on holiday in India at the time.