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ARTHURIAN LEGEND NAMESMale and female names, with meanings. They invaded in 568 and established their own kingdom in the north with a capital at Monza CORNISH (AND OTHER CELTIC) NAMES From the 10th Century WELSH NAMES FROM 1327 With adaptations and English versions ELIZABETHAN NAMES A list of what parents were really naming their children back then LIST OF COMMON ELIZABETHAN NAMES Names are listed with the typical version first and variations thereof in italics afterwards GIVEN NAMES FROM BRITTANY From parish register entries from the town of Croissic in south-eastern Brittany from the years 1384 to ca.

ANGLO-SAXON RELIGIOUS NAMES Gods, Goddesses and Descendants of Woden ANCIENT INDIAN NAMES Mostly male names here. INDIAN MYTHOLOGY NAMES Indian Mythology offers many names for the Sun. 1600 SURNAMES IN 15TH CENTURY YORK Alphabetical, based on information from the 15th century financial accounts from the masters of Ouse Bridge and Foss Bridge NAMES OF ANGLO-SAXON RULERS In Northumbria, Deira, Bernicia, Essex, Mercia, Wessex, East Anglia, Kent, England NAMES OF MEMBERS OF THE FROBISHER VOYAGES An analysis of 583 names of men who participated in these explorations of the New World 1576-1578.

LIST OF ICELANDIC RULERS Names of Rulers of Iceland from 1262 to 1944 NAMES FROM FINNISH HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS Includes given names found in Finnish historical documents from the 17th through 19th centuries and their modern Finnish and Swedish equivalents ANCIENT SCANDINAVIAN NAMES As used by the peoples of ancient Scandinavia.

Many of the names brought to England by the Norman conquest were from this area.

The Salian (western) Franks conquered Roman Gaul during the C4-5th ROMANY/GIPSY NAMES The people known as Gypsies or Egyptians in Britain, variously Tzigane, Zigeuner etc in Europe, left the Indian subcontinent approximately 2000 years ago. PHOENICIAN NAMES The Phoenicians were descendants of the Canaanites. SUMERIAN NAMES Sumerian-speakers were living in southern Mesopotamia by 3000 B. The Bible speaks of Noah's descendants moving into the plains of Shinar, which is another name for Sumer. EVERYTHING ABOUT ITALIAN NAMES Huge list of Ancient and Modern Italian Names PLACE NAMES OF ITALY IN 1554 Place names transcribed from a 16th century map.

Male, female & surnames NAMES OF FAMOUS BARBARIANS Wonderful list of the historical European Iron-Age barbarians ARTHURIAN NAMES & PLACESNot many here, but interesting non-the-less. OLD KINGDOM NAMES Good list of ancient names of Egypt ANCIENT CHINESE NAMES A list of super names to choose from. ANCIENT ARMENIAN/URARTIAN NAMES In Assyrian times, the region of Armenia was called "Urartu". They lived north of Canaan in a narrow strip of land by the Mediterranean Sea. ITALIAN NAMES FROM FLORENCE, 1427 List of names taken from a tax census of the city of Florence in 1427. EARLY ITALIAN NAMES Common Italian Names in the Early 14th Century ITALIAN RENAISSANCE WOMEN'S NAMES A list of Italian feminine names from Florence in the 14th and 15th centuries MEDIEVAL ITALIAN NAMES The wide range of names in use during medieval and Renaissance times has declined but some of these may still be found LOMBARDIC NAMES The Lombards or Langobards were one of the Germanic groups who settled in Italy after the fall of Rome.

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Please assist us by emailing us to advise of a broken link so we can correct it, or remove it immediately. 100 MOST POPULAR MEN'S NAMES IN EARLY MEDIEVAL IRELAND A great list with many other choices NAMES OF IRELAND Ireland today not only uses her native names from Gaeilge but adopted foreign names transmuted into pseudo-Gaeilge names (Gaelicizations) and anglicized versions of Gaeilge names MEDIEVAL NAMES OF CELTIC ORIGIN The Normans took some names from their Breton neighbours in Northern France but most Celtic survivals in Medieval England were the names of Christian saints or borne by people living near the Scottish or Welsh borders MEDIEVAL NAMES OF NORMAN/GERMANIC ORIGIN The Frankish names of early medieval France became popular with the Normans who brought them to England in the invasion of 1066.

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Heck, the "castles and knights" period of Medieval Europe didn't even make it to three castles to get some idea of how much things changed even then.

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