Methods updating instance variables java

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Methods updating instance variables java

Rich Internet Applications (RIA) can specify their requested permissions via an applet parameter or in the JNLP.

Therefore, topics such as cryptography are not covered in this document (see [9] and [10] for information on using cryptography with Java).

If a sandboxed applet or application attempts to execute security-sensitive code, the JRE will throw a security exception.

RIAs should follow the principle of least privilege, and should be configured to run with the least amount of necessary permissions.

Any implementation bug can have serious security ramifications and could appear in any layer of the software stack.

While sections 0 through 3 are generally applicable across different types of software, most of the guidelines in sections 4 through 9 focus on applications that interact with untrusted code (though some guidelines in these sections are still relevant for other situations).

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For example, making a class final prevents a malicious subclass from adding finalizers, cloning, and overriding random methods (Guideline 4-5).

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