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Warfield further claimed that CP Direct was ordered to pay a monthly consulting fee of 0,000 (plus bonuses of ,000 for each million dollars over million in monthly sales) directly to Marc Gardner as a condition of North American Bancard processing payments for the company.According to Warfield’s complaint, these payments totaled over 0,000.I can go for the at-home prize, but I have already won the big prize.I would take my health over 0,000 or 0,000 any day. I knew that I was going to be fine." Sun Shine, who with her father O'Neal Hampton has had a tricky journey on this season's "The Biggest Loser" -- she and her dad were kicked off the ranch the first day and were only able to earn their way back weeks later -- has nevertheless managed to lose 113 pounds.North American Bancard (nabancard.com) is a large merchant account provider based in Troy, Michigan.The company began operations in 1992 and has grown into one of the largest merchant services providers in the United States.

Specifically, Warfield’s complaint alleged that Global Payments, the backend processor for North American Bancard, placed CP Direct on its watch list in under a year of processing due to an excessive rate of chargebacks.

In North American Bancard’s case, numerous reports suggest that its agents are poorly trained on the terms and conditions of the company’s merchant account contract and are encouraged to sell expensive accounts in exchange for large commissions.

In fact, a large number of merchant complaints report that agents misrepresented fees and policies in order to persuade them into signing up for services.

North American Bancard’s standard contract (available below) has a service agreement of 36 months with what appears to be a Liquidated Damages Early Termination Fee (ETF) that is automatically debited from a merchant’s checking account upon cancellation of service.

Essentially, merchants who cancel service prior to the expiration of their contract will be expected to pay the remainder of any monthly fees that would have been assessed throughout the entire contract, with the minimum ETF costing 5.

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North American Bancard is a large super ISO that specializes in providing credit card processing services supplied by First Data and Global Payments but manages its merchant customers directly with its own in-house customer support.