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I always tell my clients that there’s nothing to lose until you have an actual relationship, so summon your courage and say hello to someone who catches your eye.

Overall, Stanger’s instruction about how to get a man to notice you is A-list advice.

Sure, Leonardo Di Caprio seems to be a guy who isn’t interested in dating anyone over a size 0, but Leo is most definitely not the norm.

Stanger’s advice to accept your curves is empowerment-based, and you can never go wrong when sending that message.

Caveat alert: If you have a history of being cheated on or of suspecting that you’re being cheated on, you have to check yourself, slow down, and discuss the issue with a few trusted friends.

Sometimes coming off a bad relationship history can skew your perceptions, and you need to make sure that you’re not creating an issue where there truly is none.

Stanger dishes on: The 4 worst things a single girl can say.

“I don’t have time to date;” “I’m too picky;” “He’s just not out there;” “I’m not online dating.” (Posted on Twitter, April 25, 2014.) Dr.

I wish I could say that the gender wars had neutralized to the point that men could honestly feel good about making the same or less money than their female partners.Women make less money, often get stuck with the bulk of childcare duties, and suffer the most unrealistic expectations in terms of their body type and thinness.With the male clients I see, Stanger’s advice couldn’t be more true.Stanger dishes on: Men making more money than women.“Men don’t like it when women make more than them, they resent it and often take revenge.” (Posted on Twitter, May 20, 2014.) Dr.

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Unfortunately, we’re not there yet – and may never be.

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  1. My daughter is 18 years old and was talked into marriage by a guy serving in the Army. She stayed by the computer everyday just to speak with him. January 4 and yesterday morning calls her to say he doesn’t want her to come down to be with him because she is only 18 and he will be going out to bars that she cant get into. She has a medical condition she has had for years and we dropped her from our insurance when they got married. I’m not saying she shouldn’t have known better but there has to be something we can do. It sounds like he married her just for the extra pay.

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