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And a little scary, because that era was filled with — kind of like the children of the corn? It's funny because back then, something wouldn't really leak the way that it would leak now, where anybody could just download, you know: "That Drake album leaked on the web.

”Is there one musician dead or alive you’d like to have drink with? “Soju in a scooped-out watermelon at a club in K-Town with Rihanna would be so fun.” What’s your favorite shot and a beer combination? Especially if you want to hit their legendary strip clubs.Which old-school New York club do you wish was still open?“Moomba.”Miss Info recently joined DJ Stretch Armstrong, Jim Jones and other New York icons for the #Absolut Truth campaign–exploring their unfiltered truths on the past, present and future of the city’s culture and nightlife.MINYA OH: At the time I was a Stretch and Bobbito fanatic, so I would stay up — I believe it was on Thursday nights, three o'clock in the morning, and listen to college radio 89 Tech 9.I'm sure Columbia University was not happy that that was the name of the show, but it was a college radio show done by two guys who were not at college.

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