Northgeorgia dating

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Northgeorgia dating

The University of North Georgia was first established at the site of its current campus in Dahlonega, Georgia in 1873 as North Georgia Agricultural College (NGAC).In 2013 North Georgia College & State University was consolidated with Gainesville State College to form the University of North Georgia.In 1925 pressure from alumni finally persuaded Du Bose to resign.Throughout the remainder of the 1920s conditions for NGAC began to improve.

In addition to serving as the school's president, he also served as one of the two professors at the school- teaching Greek and English literature.

This requirement marked the beginning of the University of North Georgia’s enduring military identity.

This military program's cadet corps eventually became involved in the newly established Reserve Officers' Training Corps(ROTC) in 1916.

Efforts of his such as working to disband the preparatory department, and eliminating the BS and AB degrees in agriculture were seen by much of the faculty and students as too progressive and needlessly ardent.

Eighty-four students, roughly half of the student population, signed a petition expressing their dissatisfaction with Du Bose's performance, however it did nothing to affect his presidency.

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He was replaced by the more ambitious Marion Du Bose who served as president for a mere three years.

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