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Which tools do you use to manage your work and your employees?We use Git Hub for code sharing, collaboration, and version control, and Slack for communication.We’ve tried more complex tools, JIRA for one, but I feel like it has way more features than we actually need.What are your go-to online resources when you want to learn about the new tools on the market? They publish new apps or new versions of apps every day, so whenever I see a new tool, I try to estimate whether it could help us deal with some of our pain points or improve our workflow.Last week, we had the opportunity to chat with Eivind Lindbråten, the Co-Founder of Ways.In just two short years, Eivind has gone from being a computer science graduate and freelance web developer to a business owner and manager.I like the Agile methodology, but we can’t use it to its full capacity as we work with fixed costs and deadlines.

At first we tried to run both his old company and our new business at the same time, but quickly realized we wanted to pool all our efforts into the latter.

Danske Bank has fired Eivind Kolding as chief executive officer less than two years after he started, as the lender said it wants to put a more experienced banker at its helm.

Kolding, 53, who became CEO of Denmark’s biggest bank in February last year, will be replaced by Thomas F.

For example, we have an internal 2-week sprint setup.

We also use story points for estimation, which helps us train the entire team to get better at calculating how long their tasks will take and how much work they’ll actually be able to do within any given sprint.

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