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And while you’re rethinking your diet, be sure to read about the 7 Best Foods for Your Heart—and Your Lifespan.

Fiber works wonders when it comes to keeping your weight down.

“Muscle mass must be maintained and built up—especially as we age—in order to lose weight and keep it off.” That doesn’t mean you need to look like The Rock.

Working out with weights a couple of times per week is enough to reverse the loss of muscle mass.

“High-fiber foods tend to be more filling than low-fiber foods, so you’re likely to eat less and stay satisfied longer,” explains Blom.

“And high-fiber foods tend to take longer to eat and to be less energy-dense, which means they have fewer calories for the same volume of food.

Studies fail to show that a physically active person is less likely to gain weight than an inactive person.

Here’s how—and for more great health advice, don’t miss The Truth about Drinking Alcohol While Pregnant.

Due to the natural process of sarcopenia, we all begin to lose muscle mass around age 30 at a rate of 1 percent per year—a process that only speeds up once you hit your 40s.

“This is a health problem for many reasons, but one of the main ones in regards to weight is that our basal metabolic rate is primarily determined by the amount of lean muscle mass we have,” explains Dr.

But if you’re going to snack, make sure it’s one of these Perfect High-Protein Snacks.

Of course, not all protein is equally good for you.

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Protein bars or powder can be good, but they should be unsweetened (none of those candy bars pretending to be health foods) and ideally draw on whey and casein as their protein sources.

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