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Philipine sextext

"I assume she was asked to leave the school as she left quite abruptly after the incident." Professor Mitchell says that while sexting can go wrong, it has been fairly harmless for most children who use it."We have used the fear of legal sanctions to discourage young people from sending nude or near nude photos and videos," she says, but adds that figures show that this approach has not worked as sexting has become common behaviour.That's all very interesting but how do the Australian findings relate to Hong Kong and how widespread is sexting among teenagers here?Stephanie, a Year 11 student in Hong Kong, says the practice is common among her friends as teen relationships are depending more and more on social media.I think a lot of younger people do it for attention and parents should be worried about that kind of behaviour.Remember, if the image goes viral, there are long term impacts as the images can be saved …"I've personally only sent images to someone who I was in a long-term relationship with and really trusted, so I knew it wouldn't go any further but I think most people do send images without thinking," she says.

But teens should realise that sexting is "not an affirmation of trust or commitment in a relationship", in fact, it just leaves you vulnerable to manipulation.So how should parents be talking to their teens about relationships and social media?Mitchell suggests that we should focus on encouraging children to behave ethically towards one another and to take care of themselves and their reputations.Parents need to teach their children how to make informed choices, but that is easy to write and hard to implement, she says "You must be able to talk to your children and as a teacher, this is equally true - lines of communication have to be set up early on," she says.Like most parents, Suky assumed her 17-year-old, Ben, wouldn't take part and if he did it would be just a flirty line or two.

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"If teens are using social media, they are likely to be using it for sexual relationships as well. that most young people were happy about the sex they were having, or not having …

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