Pros and cons of dating a gamer speed dating love stories

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Pros and cons of dating a gamer

DO: Be happy when your non-gaming lover buys you a game in general.Gaming takes away from couple time, and we all know couple time is very important.Put the controller down and go do something else, particularly something that involves the bedroom.The happier they are, the more likely you’ll be able to get back to your game.It’s not always easy hashing out your gaming time between the time you spend with your significant other, especially if they are the furthest thing from a gamer.

Remember, this is essentially rocket science to them.Mario, The Lion King, Aladdin, Zelda were her first loves, but Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Tales, and pretty much all Japanese games eventually fell into that category.She has an unhealthy obsession with Pikachu, hoodies, her 3DS, t-shirts, plushies, and purses.It might seem like a good idea, but non-gamers don’t always understand the concept of trading games in.I once traded in for the 3DS because I beat it in six hours.

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It’s just something they will never understand because it doesn’t interest them.