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Psychopath online dating

Their constant refusal to be committed to one person stems from negative past experiences, anywhere from the way they were raised to a previous relationship, which crashed and burned before things got serious.

They may have been hurt and choose not to follow through with a long-term relationship in hopes of avoiding the toxic feelings they've conquered in the past, hence the reasons they find comfort in not staying comfortable, regardless of the feelings they may develop for someone down the road.

In the bizarre world of romance that exists today — the “hook-up culture,” if you will -- there are three types of people: the lovers, the loners and, of course, the serial daters.

The “lovers” are exactly what you would assume they are: hopeless romantics who long for an everlasting relationship with their soul mates and who will stay involved with “the one” for months and months, or even years, without a second thought.

But, if you don’t want to succumb to the harsh reality that you’re just another notch on the belt, acknowledge these important reasons why you should steer clear of the serial daters: Ah, the honeymoon phase: It's arguably the best stage of a relationship.

During this golden timeframe full of vulnerable excitement and uncontrollable nerves, the two of you are giddy to be around each other; you're exploding with butterflies during each and every kiss, and find yourselves falling hard and fast into love. You'll take the fancy dinner trips together on Friday nights, and he'll even hold the door for you.

If you’re able to handle the “one and done” lifestyle of a serial dater, by all means, date away.

Maybe you’re a serial dater yourself and maybe you live for the constant flow of new sexual potentials strolling nonchalantly in and out of your life.

In fact, they become addicted to the honeymoon phase that they try to experience it over and over again with someone new almost every week.First, let’s quickly review the most disturbing traits of the psychopath: According to the Antisocial Personality Questionnaire (Blackburn & Fawcett, 1999), primary psychopathy is characterized by hostility, extraversion, self-confidence, impulsivity, aggression, and mild-to-moderate anxiety.Though the psychopath may commit illegal crimes, a psychopath can go through life wreaking harm on others and yet never commit an actual crime.The biggest downfall of a serial dater is his or her ongoing fear of commitment.Quite often, serial daters are jaded and don't believe in everlasting love, so they fill their time with temporary men or women who will fill the void of a long-term relationship.

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They’re the ones who might go on a date or two every few weeks, but believe the right person will walk into their lives when they aren’t looking.

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