Reasons why dating is bad

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If neither of you are willing to compromise to make your relationship work, then you can both find someone who’ll be more accommodating to your every want and need. [Read: 12 clear signs you’re being selfish in the relationship] #6 Nitpicking each other’s faults. But being too blunt about your partner’s faults all the time may make them feel they’re always under your constant scrutiny.Not only will you slowly pick at their self-esteem, but you might also push them towards the arms of someone who’s much more accepting of their faults. Even if you both have a busy lifestyle, you still need to set aside time for each other just to keep the relationship going.[Read: Does your long distance love have what it takes to survive the distance? When you’re emotionally incompatible *i.e., one of you is more open while the other is withdrawn*, this can lead to a lot of unmet emotional needs.While two people are never 100% on the same page, it’s important to at least be on a somewhat similar level of emotional availability.On the other hand, if your partner is the jealous one, you may find yourself sacrificing your happiness just so you don’t get hit with the barrage of accusations.

Unless you make an effort so you can finally be in the same zip code, these relationships usually break under the strain.

When you get deeper into a relationship, you may find out that you and your partner may have different goals for the future.

One of you may want to focus on your career, while the other would like to start a family soon.

It’ll be a huge form of deception, even if it all just started from one little white lie.

[Read: 7 reasons why most lovers lie and 7 ways to stop those lies] #12 Different goals.

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The effort here is to make each date together count through little sweet gestures or bringing something new to the conversation, whatever both of you are into.