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Arnold Schwarzenegger lends his name to one of the biggest fitness festivals in the world each year in Columbus, Ohio, and one of the features of the annual event are bodybuilding and strongman competitions.Years before he set foot in a wrestling ring, Braun Strowman would emerge the first place finisher in the Arnold Amateur Strongman Championships.

He had turned to the sport at the urging of his battered knees, entering a world where he ranks as ordinary, except for his past and his Olympian girlfriend.For those who did, he obliged autograph and photo requests before and after the banquet.A fan who approached during the main event got a polite brush-off.In a truly confusing scenario, though, Strowman stumbled into his best documented real life beef with Karen Jarrett—Jeff Jarrett’s real life wife, and the ex-wife of Kurt Angle.While exact details vary from different tellings, the gist of the story seems to be that Karen approached Strowman in a bar and asked for an autograph for her son.

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Bonds himself amounted to arm candy at the Ventura County Sports Hall of Fame induction ceremony, and he looked the part: trim and sleek, free of the bloat that defined his later years in baseball.