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West easts a hypnotic, noxious spell, almost screaming as the pressure rises.

When Alex said the new material would be heavier than anything they’ve done before, he certainly wasn’t lying.Outfit’s glass isn't hall full — it’s over flowing.David Renshaw, News Reporter CHVRCHES Gun The Scottish trio’s twinklypop just gets better, trailing an album that promises to be one of the year’s top when it turns up this autumn.It’s been almost a year since the band's last proper show, which took place at 0 NME 1 June 2013 Me tall teas Orion Music More festival in June 2012, and Monkeys fans the world over have been champing at the bit, waiting eagerly for their return.Tonight they repent for a lengthy absence hy delivering a set chock full of classics, a handful of rarities and - the biggest treat of all - a brand new track, which opens the night’s 21- song salute and shakes the faded Gatsby r opulence of this sweetly ragged, gilt-adorned venue to its core. 1 , the new track is a thrusting, lustful number with a creeping guitar line that stalks sioistcrly through the sweaty room as Alex Turner croons wantonly about a girl with “colour in [her] cheek f.

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UPFRONT Alex Turner; now handsome enough to carry off a cushkwi-cover fabric The^etust * Do l Wanna Know? - Dancing Shoes ♦ B Hailstorm * Brick By Brick * Dent Sit Down 'Cause l T ve Moved Your Chair * Evil Twin * Old Yellow Bricks * The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala * Crying Lightning * Pretty Visitors * Do Me A Favour * Cornerstone * She's Thunderstorms * The View From The Afternoon * Fake Tales Of San Francisco * I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor * That's Where You're Wrong * Suck it And See • Fluorescent Adolescent •505 for a long, long time, Ventura, but it’s gonna be great? “We Ye fucking playing all the deep cuts here in Ventura, eh?