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Directly from Aura Dating Academy Members to YOU Our Culture Book is a collage of unedited submissions from Aura members on what the Aura experience means to them and any advice they'd like to pass on to new members.

Except for correcting typos and grammatical errors, we've left everything unedited and published it all in this book.

Learn How YOU Can Attract, Date, and Get the Girl of Your Dreams, and Make Her Your Girlfriend, Guaranteed …

and all without having to rely on any lame pick up lines, complicated routines, or having the 5 Cs (car, condo, credit cards, country club, and career), but instead having her loving you for the man you really are.

Have you ever decided it’d be easier to walk away rather than confront your fear, and then beat yourself up over it for hours or days afterwards?

Our answer, inspired by Zappos, is the Aura Culture Book.

It's packed with our members' ideas about our culture and their experiences with the Academy, as well as photos, our core values, and more.

The themes David Tian and Marilyn Lee cover on the show are relevant to married or engaged couples, couples in a dating relationship, divorcees, and single girls and guys.

Topics include how to get over an ex, how to deal with office romances, what to do when you suspect your partner is cheating on you, what to do when your partner is having a quarter-life crisis and leaving you behind, how to know whether a guy is a player, how to start conversations with girls in Singapore, why girls cheat on guys, why guys cheat on girls, whether emotional infidelity is still cheating and what to do about it, why girls are attracted to assholes, what to do when you make more money than your man, how to get a girlfriend or spouse to want sex more often, and what to do when your “soul mate” is already married. Tian onto the “Love Songs” show after hearing about him from friends at Mediacorp--the parent company of the station--who described Dr.

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David Tien is the Executive Director at Aura Dating Academy, the biggest dating academy in Asia.

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