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We agree that God is the source of justice and morality.We agree that his ultimate justice is dispensed via life after death in heaven and hell.Here are some sources for Islamic books online: One source for the Bible is bible.One source for understanding the Muslim writings (from a Christian perspective) is The Quran, Sira, and Hadith together make up the Islamic Trilogy and form the perfect pattern of all Islamic behavior.Some background for our non-Muslim readers might be helpful. Sunni Muslims represent about 85% of the world's Muslim population. There is disagreement among the various sects on some issues, not unlike theological disagreements among Christian denominations.To get an understanding of Christianity and Islam, we consider irrelevant what Sally and Omar may improvise about their respective religions.Anybody can make up their own religion, for example, by taking from the Bible whatever they want and tearing out the pages they don't want.

In fact, one of the reasons for the strong negative reaction to western civilization in Muslim countries is the influence of such practices emanating from the west. The points of disagreement touch on every important religious doctrine.Indeed, the disagreements are so severe as to be irreconcilable. Most Muslims are exceptionally gracious and peace-loving people. For example, Muslims point to Suras 109:6 or 6 which claim there is no compulsion in religion (compulsion), even though these passages are often interpreted in Islamic nations to mean that "there is no .Another passage is Sura which says not to dispute with People of the Book (Jews and Christians) unless they do wrong.We will reference Bukhari primarily in our article, but will also reference the hadiths collected by "Sahih Muslim," who was a student of Bukhari.Along with the reliable hadiths, a further source of accepted knowledge about Muhammad comes from the , a controversial biography of Muhammad composed by one of Islam's great scholars, Muhammad bin Ishaq, in the eighth century AD (roughly 100- 150 years after Muhammad).

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Note: One thing that is confusing to English speaking people is that the English spelling of Arabic words is not standardized! A designation of, for example, 10:1 means Sura 10, verse 1.

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