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Tatiana dating scams

First reported: Steve DISCLAIMER: does not guarantee the accuracy of the information on this page, nor that it is error-free. The service is supplied on "as is" basis, with no warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied.Her email: [email protected]: 4 emails sent to me about how she wanted to come to England to work and live, sent me photo and then asked me for money to be sent to her for plane ticket. Another Scam, as her photo has been used before on a different name First reported: Jay Phone: 0040757243118 Email: [email protected]: I have known Roberta and after some correspondence we agreed to meet us in Italy.Then I received an email stating she was running out of money for food and needed a place to stay. Hearing the news of all displaced people in Lugansk because of the fighting it just seemed legitimate and That is when my heart was feeling the pain for her.My heart was telling me that I could not let a young pretty 26 year old live in that kind of situation.This woman advertises by herself (I suspect) and even responds to e-mail but involves other people when it is time to start some serious business called communication.She appeared on under whitelily_2001 and golden_rose.In the 4 months we corresponded with email, I did send Natalia Bondar 0 via Western Union.After the last time I sent her money, I did not hear from her in a few days and she responded in an email that she had a new account on which is an app. I did text the first few times with her and after that, I did not get any response from Viber or email.

First reported: Alfred Phone: claims to don't have a phone Address: Skoriny Ave., 145, ap.

I am relatively inexperienced when it comes to my own sexuality.

I can become very shy sometimes, and I've never done all the things I've wanted to…

I did call her on the phone and she stated she could not get my messages on Viber and to email her.

I finally did realize that she must have blocked me on Viber because she had group messaging. I did decide to call her one more time and a man answered this time, and that confirmed my suspicions. After reading all the information on dating site scams, I will be more knowledgeable what to look for. First reported: Gary Email Address: [email protected](new), [email protected] (old) Phone: 380-642-951054 Address: Ukraine, Lugansk, Vatutin Street 93/51, Zip code 91040 Details: Asks for 0 per month to continue communicating.

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